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how is made up the price of a pair of jeans?

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Um euch die Kostenaufteilung einer Jeans näher zu bringen, habe ich ein Beispiel für eine 50 Euro Jeans gewählt. Die Prozentualen Anteile können, für andere Preissegmente verwendet werden. Je nach Denim brand kann es eine Abweichung geben, die sich aber nur in der unteren Region der Darstellung wiederspiegeln wird.

Solltest Du fragen haben, lass es mich wissen.

So setzt sich der Preis einer Jeans zusammen:


In order to introduce you the allocation of costs of a pair of jeans, I chose an example of jeans for 50 euros. You can use the percentage shares for other price segments. Perhaps it may be that the percentages vary, depending on the brand. But if so, then only in the lower region of the representation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

It is made up of as follows:

Presentation of Denimtarian

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  1. wow.. that's crazy! 1 % goes to wages :( makes me a bit sad really

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    1. Thx...I hope you re more clear as before, why some high brands are expensive.

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  5. Very interesting, it is nice to know ;)


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  9. this is very interesting, I had no idea how they were priced! xx

  10. This is really interesting and eye opening information!! It means we don't necessarily pay more for the material and quality for a good jeans, but for their advertising and marketing and swanky locations of stores!! Thanks for the post!
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