Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Public School’s New York-Made Mens’ Denim Line

Article written by Raffael Flores-Contreras from Denimtheraphy

We spend 8 hours per day looking at denim: the jeans Denim Therapy customers send to our office from every corner of the world in order to salvage them after years of loyal “favorite jeans” service.  After so many run-ins with jeans from different brands and price points, you start to understand the meaning of true craftsmanship and high quality manufacturing. The trained denim-lover’s eye starts appreciating when garments are executed with integrity without sacrificing the details that set jeans apart.

It’s this kind of integrity that makes us love Public School and their newly launched men’s denim line. That their latest presentations at Milk Studios and at the James Hotel showcased polished and refined jeans.

All of them are made in New York City. The collection brings together local textiles as well as Italian and Japanese raw denim in styles and cuts already are a signature of the city we live in. Our favorites were the PS 13 All natural white 10.5 Oz Cone jeans and the PS14 Indigo Selvedge, made from 100% white oak mill 13.75 oz denim. This is a brand that the CFDA already has on their radar, and we believe  every New Yorker should start collecting wardrobe staples from their line up.

All pictures by Denimtheraphy

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  1. Ich finde sie denke ich! Jeans sind cool, aber sie sehen ein wenig zu hardcore für mich. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, sie trägt sich neben rund um das Haus. More Details