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broken-up earth - Denimtarian Development

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Klimawandel ist für jeden ein Begriff!

Daher haben wir uns von den ausgetrockneten Flußbetten inspirieren lassen.

Denimtarian wollte genau den Effekt auf der Jeans immitieren, der in vielen Gebieten der Erde aufgrund extremer Dürre sichtbar ist.

Durch ein spezielles Bindersystem konnte Denimtarian einen ausgetrockneten und aufgebrochenen sichtbaren Effekt erzielen. Kleinste Risse und Zwischenräume, sorgen für ein edles, ein modernes und auf jeden Fall ein erstaunliches Aussehen auf der Warneoberfläche.


Climate change is a term for each!

So we got our inspiration from the dried up river beds.

But Denimtarian wanted to imitate the effect on the jeans, which is visible in many areas of the earth due to extreme drought.

Through a special binder system, Denimtarian was able to achieve a dried and broken the visible effect. The effect produces smallest breaks and gaps providing a classy, modern and at any rate an astonishing look on the fabric surface.



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  1. this is such a great effect on the jeans, I love the inspiration and the way that you took it, especially because (apparently) the making of jeans used to use lots of water. An amazing idea :)

    Fashion Stereotype

    1. Hi Daisy...

      Thank you for your comment. Very interesting statement.

      It is a tribute to the consumption of water. I would like to present what causes a life without water.

      I did the application by hand.

      What do you think? Would you pay more for jeans, which is washed with a little water?

  2. I think it is cool, maybe over do it a bit more.. Don't know, but if you have that one skin tight for women, I'm a wear it!

    Haha, I sometimes call my legs cracked desert and then I mean the first pic, because they get so dry sometimes, yeah I know interesting huh!HAhahaha

    All love Lola


    1. Hey Lola,

      ahha....u re crazy :) I hope your legs are just dry/cracked :D. Then I can recommend a cream for desert look :)

      Why not...good Idea. I can apply it on skin tight jean for women too :)

      which brand do you prefer:)?

    2. Wow, good one! Because I am not so into denim that much.
      Christ I do not know....

      It must be something very cool, maybe Gstar Raw or Diesel, I do not think it will fit Fornarina, that's more of a teen brand don't you think (all though I like it, my coolest denimjacket I'ver ever owned is from Fornarina!!)

      All love Lola

    3. Hi again Lola :)

      Yeah of course:) u re right. The effect itself is eyecatcher, so you need a cool subtle washing.

      The effect goes very well with the brand as G-STAR, DIESEL, ENERGIE. For FORNARINA is that too much. Not there line...!

      But I think the effect will be very nice on canvas bags it will look like snake skin, if you put some colours in :)

      What do you think?

    4. Wow, I am learning something about denim, love it!! I am not being sarcastic!
      Canvas bags you say. You know what I am all for. Can I be politically incorrect on your blog.
      A few days ago I was watching the news, saw how they brutally slaughtered snakes in Indonesia for you know all the big designers claiming that they only use special breeded snakes for their products.. And you guessed it of course me as a fashionaddict loves snakeskin ( I felt ommediately very guilty and superficial), a technique like this would be great, get it processed/produced. I am the first one to buy one of those bags!!
      By the way does Energie still exists???

      All love Lola

    5. Thank you ... You do not learn something about denim. You know a lot about fashion, that's enough!

      You're absolutely right. But many prefer not imitate, but orginal.

      But it is definitely an alternative. And looks very real.

      It is a completely new development from me. I just offer it for many companies at the moment. That´s wh I will start my trip in the next a few days...Follow me :)

      It may be, you'll see it in the next collection of many different brands.

      I did a big development of coating last season. You can see my post Denimtarian developed for TOMMY HILFIGER. This coating is like a leather, comapnies like H&M, ZARA and so on produced it.

      And it was also a option for real leather you know...

      I think for vertical or premium brands you can realize this kind of effects, but the high premium brands wouldnt accept it. More the clients will not take it:) YOu know what I mean:))) ????

      But If you send me just a stuff of you, I will apply on it.


    6. True I know a bit about fashion, my blog does not support my knowledge, haha, because sometimes I like to provoke or put people on the wrong leg as we say in Holland, not in a bad way. And fashion took a total different spin because of the internet and all the bloggers out there, and there are a lot of real good bloggers that are sometimes better then all the big stylists I worked with and know from the good old days, so I am enjoying myself here ;)

      But still I am learning here ;) And I appreciate that!

      I do not think your technique here is an imitation of snakeskin, it is a creative technique to make cool garments or what so ever. And I like original coolability, haha.
      And sometimes people are just too selfish, it is absurd that nature should suffer because we want to look swell, that should not be, but it happens and I am quilty of that too....
      Can't find your Hilfigger post, you got a link???
      Stella McCartney is one of the designers that refuses to use leather ;) I do not know if she still goes by that, but she used too!
      And contradictional me loves leather, but I will leave snakeskin alone from now of!

      Okay maybe I will sent you something to apply that look on!!

      All love Lola

    7. First of all here the link to Hilfiger Denim:


      Yeah u re right...but also some good bloggers are not suitable people for creativity in work process. just people which can do a good advertising for herself...thats it!

      yeah send me and lets see )

      feel free to visit me again:)

  3. great photos, very cool blog!!! and thanks for all your wonderful comments :) I have followed you via gfc as well ;)


    1. Hi Jess :)

      You´re Welcome ! :)

      Thanks too...I am very pleased that you follow my blog :)

      Keep it...:) Cheers!