Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Italian review of Denim

Italy "the land of beauty" is synonymous with fashion. Italians are probably the most fashion conscious in Europe.

Italians grow with fashion and a lot of people trust the opinion of the Italian fashion guys.

Do you have the same opinion? Do you think that too?
> it can be discussed!?!

Anyway, how does it look with denim? What about the feelings of Italians regarding denim?

> the Italians love jeans or can they do nothing with it.

In a recent survey on Italian apparel consumption (including denim), Cotton Inc came out with some interesting findings:

See the survey of Cotton Incorporated by Denimtarian.

A majority of Italian consumers say that they love or have fun to wear denim. Denim is much more popular in the age group
15 -34 instead age group 35 - 54 .

Italian consumers report owning about 13 denim garments, younger ones have 15 while older ones have 11.

The wardrobe of Italian consumers is very diverse as they dedicate less part of their wardrobe to jeans and more to other garments.

Shirts /shorts and jackets are some of the other popular apparel items in Denim.



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