Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Knit denim conquered the world!

Currently you can find some trendsetters who started it.

Many are not aware whether it will be a huge boom, yes it is!

Knitting machine manufacturers make strong advertising and marketing their machines with the best technologies. Destroyed effects can be adjust simple through the machine even buffies / scrapings. UNBELIEVABLE! That´s why follow this wave...

Zara had a knit denim jacket in the shops but without washing. But DIESEL attacking now. In the shop you'll find that very nice knit denim jeans what you can not distinguish from a normal jeans. Go and see it!

But not only DIESEL even some other retailers started to produce it.

But be carefull not all knit denim are nice, choice best indigo yarn with big dye coat around, right producer especially with the best machines for the best looks, the right washing plane...because you will see to wash off knit denim is a big challenge because of the loose-fitting indigo dye even looser than a woven jeans, I'm excited to see how you will handle that white parts will keep white....

good luck guys!

e.g. Strellson knit denim supported by Denimtarian

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