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trends autumn/winter 2013/14

Trends Autumn/Winter 2013/14

we had already published the post, we do it again, so you will not forget it.

- Back to the roots!

The denim trend is everywhere and there is no end in sight - on the contrary, it seems that the jeans 2013 in all its variations is celebrating a major revival after the non-dyed denims had expired them in recent years.

In my recherche after the coming trends, I observed the following topics:
          • worker design
          • leather coatings / details
          • suede effetcs
          • matte or glossy coatings
          • metallic pearlescent coatings
          • destroyed coating treatments
          • vintage looks
          • contrast washings
          • color bleaching effects
          • unwashed dark denims
          • oily handfeels
          • extra weight denims
          • double face denims
          • double coloured denims
          • flock, print (floral, snake...)
          • crinckels
All this information will bring you nothing if you can not use it!

These are ideas only to find your own solution for your own collection.

>>> Do not forget the balancing act between fashion and technology <<<

Please ask us if you need any help how to use it for your collection. We will offer you a suitable package to develope your collection.

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All pictures by Denimtarian

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  1. Hey mister denim, I saw a real cool distressed denimjeans yesterday, when I went today it was sold out. My question for you is, can you do a post on how to make the perfect ripped jeans?? Or distressed jeans?