Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

Your Eyes Lie - jeans with button in the style of the 80s

Röhrenjeans von Your Eyes Lie
- aus 100% reiner Baumwolle
- Denim in Acid-Waschung
- hohes Taillendesign
- sichtbare Knopfleiste
- Fünf-Taschen-Stil
- gerade Passe hinten
- enger Schnitt

Skinny jeans by Your Eyes Lie
- 100% pure cotton
- Acid Wash Denim
- High waist design
- Visible placket
- Five-pocket style
- Straight back yoke
- Slim fit


Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Denim by PV Paris Report: denim trends autumn/winter 2014/15

Photo: Denim by PV


Es scheint, dass die Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Saison bereit steht und die Farbigkeit ein Ende hat. Viele Stoffhersteller, einige Wäschereien, Einkäufer und Eintagsfliegen nahmen wieder Teil an der Denim by PV.

Das Motto der Messe war "the circus Program", ganz im Sinne der Vernetzung einer magischen Illusion und einer wissenschaftlicher Präzision. Nett anzuschauen!

Allerdings stellt sich mir immer wieder die Frage, ob die Denim by PV wirklich die Plattform ist, die Denim Trends ermittelt und streut. Orientieren sich die Designer wirklich nur an den Aussagen der Stoffhersteller oder Wäschereien ohne den eigenen Modesinn einzuschalten und den wirklichen Bedarf zu fokussieren. Wohl kaum, oder?!

Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Change the Vision

Denimtarian is once again looking for a completely new application method.

He has not only been linked theory and practice if it means "waterless". He has already done some time ago. By having used a special chemistry.

Now it is important to develop a completely new system to save different standard processes to create wild or soft effects.

Whether colored or bleached only. It seems that he has found it ....

"...change an existing by changing the general properties..."

But the questions is if enduser and retailer accept it, because as you already know everbody is looking for price. But even as you know innovative developments what allows to safe something will be expensive against conventional process at the moment. But if everybody is following this wave, than it is clear that it will be not more than yet.

Photo: Denimtarian


Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Knit denim conquered the world!

Currently you can find some trendsetters who started it.

Many are not aware whether it will be a huge boom, yes it is!

Knitting machine manufacturers make strong advertising and marketing their machines with the best technologies. Destroyed effects can be adjust simple through the machine even buffies / scrapings. UNBELIEVABLE! That´s why follow this wave...

Zara had a knit denim jacket in the shops but without washing. But DIESEL attacking now. In the shop you'll find that very nice knit denim jeans what you can not distinguish from a normal jeans. Go and see it!

But not only DIESEL even some other retailers started to produce it.

But be carefull not all knit denim are nice, choice best indigo yarn with big dye coat around, right producer especially with the best machines for the best looks, the right washing plane...because you will see to wash off knit denim is a big challenge because of the loose-fitting indigo dye even looser than a woven jeans, I'm excited to see how you will handle that white parts will keep white....

good luck guys!

e.g. Strellson knit denim supported by Denimtarian