Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

colour trends 2013 - Denim by Premiere Vision Paris

Colour Trends 2013

In my recherche after the coming trends, I observed the following topics:
          • pop colours (foil, print, details)
          • discharge colours
          • spray colour coatings (local, all-over)
          • easy wash out colours
          • surface gel dyeing
          • double coloured denims
          • batik application
All this information will bring you nothing if you can not use these.

 These are ideas only to find your own solution for your collection.

But if you need any help, how to develope, please ask me.

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All pictures by Denimtarian

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  1. I love colored jeans they bring a nice brightness to an outfit my favorite trend from the above are proabally the washed out colpored jeans