Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Le Parisien

What to Wear in Paris...

As you know I was in Paris. To celebrate the end of my stay, I decided to post the right outfit "comme un Parisien".

Far more than the outfit, it's about your attitude you have. Because you´ll not elegant by wearing something elegant.

Paris is different, here decides the outcome and you have to go into public with them.

I tried to convey a personal expressive with my outfit. Muted shades, but still noticeable by the cut accents.

Just a little bit of Paris!

my outfit:

cardigan - H&M
tank top - American Apparel
sweatpant - Unknown
budapester - ASOS

5 Kommentare:

  1. nice look... freack

  2. Very cool Blog :) Follow you now

    Greetings Emma

  3. This is a great look, I like all the shades of grey. And you are right, it's all about attitude!


  4. Love the photos! hyped on lookbook too! ;)
    i have the same shoes, i like them very much! :)

    Kisses from Italy


  5. Thank You soooo much :) You look Great ! hyped :)