Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Rihanna’s new video for Armani Jeans

what’s up with how flat her butt looks in these jeans? And rhinestones on the pockets? Really? Anyway, the jeans might not be at the top of our wish-list, but this video is one to watch.

let me know your opinion????

8 Kommentare:

  1. great video. xx


  2. Haha, that is strange that her butt looks flat, 'cause if there's someone with a toosh it's her!! But Armani has never been my favorite when it comes to denim, don't like the cut. Always to old fashion and it never fits right! But the vid is nice especially the black and white.

    All love Lola


  3. Спасибо за исчерпывающие новости! А не поделитесь информацией, где можно найти Магазин Replay в интернете?
    Заранее спасибо!

    1. i am sorry but don´t understand russian :)

      if you need something, than please write in english. it is not necessary, that you speak very well. i will try to understand u...

      keep in touch.

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  5. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo


  6. ich kann rihanna überhaupt nicht leiden... und diese armani jeans werbung ist genauso schrecklich wie die andere davor.
    danke für deinen kommentar ... auch wenn ich nicht ganz verstehe was du mit "skin in combination with high level fashion style" meinst !? :)
    wirst ab jetzt verfolgt.... dein blog ist richtig cool! :)
    würd mich freuen wenn du auch neuer follower meines blogs wirst!


  7. hm... well i think i don't like video too much... maybe i expected something more... so... it looks more like commercial for underwear than for jeans :)