Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Use the blue line (full version)

All Pictures: Denimtarian by TT

 My outfit:
jean jacket - G-Star RAW
shirt - G-Star RAW
hat / pant - H&M
budapester - AllSaints

I need again summer feeling. That´s why I prefered to take pictures of me in a hall between palms and african wood.
The blue line shows us the way...isn´t? :)

16 Kommentare:

  1. you look GREAT!!!! I wish my boyfriend looks like you :)

    1. ahahah :) thaaannnkk you :)....If you want lets convience him!?! :D Maybe we can change him...let me know :D

  2. ohh cool style! i'm more likely to be obsessed with colourful jeans but also loved your blog! :) i wait you to mine too ;)

    1. Thx Eda...

      really...what is your favorite coloured denim at the moment?

      of course I ll visit :)

  3. Great great great great great, just love what you are wearing right here. Wish there were more men dressing like that, that would be nice!!!!
    That whole combination is just to nice, the hat, the socks with the shoes and of course great pics, well done!

    All love Lola


    1. hiya Lola...

      ahhaha.....:) I hope not, because I´ll be almost one of some :)))


  4. Wow dein Outfit ist der Hammer! Sieht echt super aus, vorallem die Schuhe:)

    Würd mich sehr freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust:)

    1. Hi Jasmin...

      :) WoW...Vielen Dank....Es ist immer wieder schön, dass zu hören :)))

      Of course, I´ll visit u:)

  5. You got a great style!
    I love every single detail!even the background.
    you are taking also vey good pictures!... they could be a lookbook for a brand!
    please allow me to use some of them in my blog!
    my job is also men style, so I will follow you and visit u often!
    nice to meet your blog.
    xxx Ros.e.

    1. Dear Ros.E.

      Thank you for your great statement. I am very pleased about that.

      Of course, you can use my pics.

      But please not, if you use my pics on your blog. I beg you to insert the image licensing of Denimtarian and to paste the link to Denimtarian. :)

      It would be great!

      Thx in advance.