Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

equipment for jeans finishing

spraying brushing booth

scraping jacket mannequin

scraping jean mannequin

scraping jean  mannequin

spray gun


sandpaper grinder

Bohemia for 3Ds

All pictures: Tonello

These are standard equipment for denim finishing & washing. 

Tonello is one of the best equipment supplier for denim washing & finishing worldwide.

Of course there are many other suppliers. But I think this company is the best one. In addition, many manufacturing plant made ​​their own equipment. But they're not so good.

If you need more details, feel free to ask me.

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  1. I never knew there was so much equitment uses for denim washing and finishing.

    1. hey cleo...

      thx 4 yr comment...yeah right..believe if get the chance to visit a factory u will see, that there are more than above equipments :)))

  2. Hi, could you give me quotation on sandpaper grinder, and send to thks